Monday, January 24, 2011

Bad Girls Club Season 6*

I have to say i didn't think this season was gonna start off like this.. I mean it wasn't bad but it wasn't to good either! They hyped up the previews making it seem like they were gonna jus get to the hard core fighting on the first episode! But it was ok.. I'm kinda sad jade left after the first episode I mean WTF!!!??? Girlfriend I thought u were badder than that! And out of all the peeps in the house u let nikki push u out? I was kinda into nikki's drama at first but now it's jus annoying she's crying for attention and camera time and these bitches are giving her what she wants!! They jus need to ignore her and act like she doesn't live there! jus my thought! =)
  But I jus have to say my fav are def lauren, kori and char.. I'm not to sure how I feel about sydney yet.. But I know i do not like jessica!! She tries to come off as a bad ass but I think she's all talk! And wasn't nikki suppose to be her homegirl? Jus cus everyone in the house doesn't like nikki u turn on her to?  Anyways I can't wait to see what this season has in store... IDK if this is true or not but I heard Kori, Jessica, and Sydney end up leaving the house!!! All for diff reason;s of course.. But I guess we shall see ;)

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